Away With Geese is the most effective, humane, and environmentally friendly way to eliminate your geese problems. Available for land or water, each unit is solar powered and emits an amber colored light , disrupting the sleeping pattern of geese, ultimately encouraging them to move to a new location. A single unit will effectively protect an area of 4 acres. It protects the property continuously with little to no maintenance. There is simply no other method available that measures up in effectiveness, safety, cost, or reliability.

4 Acre CoverageThe Away With Geese product has an effective range of at least 75 yards in any direction.  One unit will service a pond that is up to 4 acres in size (about 450 x 450 feet) provided that all areas of the pond are within line-of-sight of the Away With Geese light.

Watch for Blind SpotsSome ponds may have inlets or bays where Geese can hide in the edges of the pond.  In order to have the light reach these areas, special care must be taken when placing the Away With Geese unit so that hidden areas of the pond are within line-of-sight.

Use Multiple Units for Large Ponds or Difficult AreasSome pond shapes may require two or more units in order