Many of our customers see results in just a few days. Geese will move to another area. In this case, another unit was needed because the “other” area needed the geese removed as well.

Hi Jason!

After a few days with your unit on the lawn of my waterfront property I had no more geese. So now I am ordering one to float on the marsh to take care of the geese further out. I spoke to the groundskeeper at our yacht club and he is interested in ordering them as well!!!! Thanks so much for your successful product!!!

Anne Long

Centerport, NY

We strive to provide excellent customer service! In this case, mother nature played a role in making one of our lights malfunction. The result: All is well again.

Tom, in reference to below, when I went to check the unit, a leaf of all things had fallen right on it and was covering the top solar receiver. I took it off and now it is working fine.The box with replacement light came this morning and I am sending it back via fedex to you without even opening it. Sorry for wasting your time and appreciate the stellar customer service.


New Rochelle, NY

AwayWithGeese should be part of your new landscaping plans. Altering the areas around ponds and lakes in order to make them more attractive for humans may also make them more attractive to geese as well!

Greetings Tom,

Have had little problems with geese in the past until we opened up a pond to show the water feature! Seems members and geese liked the change, we had removed trees and brush along the pond the winter of 2009 and a group of geese moved in the spring!  Thru my Par Aid distributor I ordered four AwayWithGeese lights installed them according to instructions the evening I received them and geese were not around the next day!  Thru the season the geese would come around once in a while during the day but never stayed!

Bruce Ruppert

Minot Country Club

Burlington, ND

After spending thousands on various products designed to remove geese from the prestigious Canadian Golf & Country Club, the superintendent learned that most of those products were short-lived — the geese would eventually return. Even the prized border collie (Meg) grew tired of chasing geese away from the putting greens. This year, AwayWithGeese changed all of that! Now the course is 99% free of geese year round.

Good morning Tom,

Just wanted to send you a message regarding the Away with Geese product.  For the last fifteen years I’ve tried numerous products and methods to deter geese from congregating to the golf course.  Some products are effective for a short period of time, but eventually the geese return.  I also had a border collie named Meg for seven years, but they ultimately got used to her as well.  After installing five Away with Geese units in my ponds in April 2010, I have to admit I was skeptical at first.  But as the summer went on I was truly amazed at the results.  I can truly say that we had a 99% decrease in the amount of droppings on the greens.  Now this is only after one season, but I’m confident that the outcome will be the same.

Thank you for time.

John Lamoureux

Golf Course Superintendent

Canadian Golf & Country Club

AwayWithGeese not only eliminates geese and their mess from your property, but it also reduces the number of sandals this Pennsylvania customer goes through in a year! Going from 200 geese to zero in a week is an extraordinary accomplishment using any means, wouldn’t you agree?

Hello Tom,

We purchased your product several weeks ago and sure enough, it has worked as advertised. We have struggled with Brantas Canadensis for ten years on our two acre lake and never could rid ourselves of the 50-200 individuals that claimed our yard as home. After installing the water based unit, we saw the geese numbers decline to zero in just a week. You sell a great product that I wish I was aware of years ago. Thank you for keeping the bottoms of my sandals a whole lot cleaner.


Gordon Hammond

Newtown Square, PA

Beautiful lake-front property is meant to be enjoyed with a cold drink in your hand, the sun at you back, a cool breeze on your face and your tail in a favorite deck chair. You should not have to spend time collecting wheel-barrow loads of goose droppings. AwayWithGeese gave back the relaxing lifestyle that Jennifer had originally sought from her paradise getaway!

I believe this product to be a wonderful investment for any area that has geese problems. We were trying to have an enjoyable and relaxing time at our lake, but each time we spent the day cleaning up after the geese. We would end up with almost a wheelbarrow full at times. So much for relaxing! At first when we ran across your website and seen the testimonials, we were thinking “This is to good to be true”. But with all the labor and sprays wasted, we figured it was worth a try. I am so grateful that we did, it has worked out tremendously! We barely see any evidence of geese being around our property. Our neighbor was so impressed that they also invested in the light. Now other lake residents have seen our good fortune and requested your information. So, thank you very much for a wonderful miracle product and for giving us our lovely relaxing Dering Lake back!

Jennifer Johnston

Relaxing in Maine

We can’t read a goose’s mind to know exactly why AwayWithGeese is so effective at persuading them to move on. In Betty’s case, full light coverage of the geese’s sleeping area did the trick. Were the geese annoyed or fearful of the light? We don’t know, but you can ask the geese yourself — they’re on the other side of Betty’s lake away from her beach!

Hello Tom,

AwayWithGeese is working fine.  I only had one problem.  I mounted the light at water’s edge.  During the night geese were getting onto the back deck of my ski boat because the light is not visible from from there.  However, I find if I BACK my boat into its slip, the deck is then lit and all is fine.

Three of my adjoining neighbors also bought your light and it is working very well–I think the geese have fled to the other side of the lake–

I am SOOO happy not to have to clean crap off my dock before I can get into my boat!


Betty Rouse

Every spring, year after year, residents of this beautiful Grand Rapids community had to contend with noisy, messy geese. This year, the residents took action and installed an AwayWithGeese unit at the location we recommended. The result: No More Geese.

AwayWithGeese Placement Recommendations are free.

“I wanted to share with you how pleased we are with our Geese Away Light.   It has worked wonders! No more geese!   What a great spring we have had without the goose droppings and all of the noise that the geese make.

Thanks so much for all of the help and your expertise. So much appreciated! We have all shared about “our magic” light with others.

Much appreciated!”

Linda Jirous


Grand Rapids, Michigan

Frustration with unwanted geese led to lots of fireworks (and flare gun incidents) surrounding a small, once peaceful lake in Indiana. We are delighted that we played a small part in restoring tranquility to the region!

“Our goose population was holding steady at approximately 100. Homeowners around our lake had resorted to fireworks, flare guns and nylon lines strung a foot above the ground between stakes to discourage the geese. Needless to say all of the methods were disturbing, dangerous and unsuccessful.

Then we installed two of your floating Away With Geese devices in our small lake on August 1, 2009. Within two weeks following the installation of your devices our geese were gone and we have not been bothered by them again. Your product proved to be everything you claimed.

I appreciate your attention to my questions and the fine manner in which your firm conducts business.”

Walter C. Moore, Board Member

Stonybrook Residents Association

Kokomo, Indiana

Bill seems to have become a hero for ridding his community’s lake of dirty geese! Of course we won’t tell anyone that had the AwayWithGeese units not performed as we say, we would have refunded his money. No risk, great gains.

“Just wanted to send a few words to thank you for your advice as well as the Equipment you suggested to successfully rid ourselves of Canadian Geese. All the homeowners that surround our lake have marveled at the success we have had in deflecting our very dirty visitors to other areas and lakes. We have referred others to you and they have had similar success.

We cannot thank you enough!”

Bill Shearer

Canton, Ohio

After adjusting the placement of her AwayWithGeese unit, Catherine’s geese suddenly became her neighbor’s geese, much to the chagrin of her neighbor!

“We spoke a couple weeks ago after I emailed you about continued geese after the unit had been in about 4 weeks. Your suggestion was to move the unit, which i did last week. My yard has no new geese droppings visible since then. However, my lake neighbor called me (Lake people, as you probably know, are quirkey in their own way) and said that he had 41 geese and I had none! Then he proceeded to confiscate my light! I am ordering another one to give to him so I can have mine back and we both can be “geese-free”. My neighbor and I are still laughing over what he did!”


Catherine Gyscek

Cramerton, NC

Pt. Pleasant Beach is now living up to its name! No more goose droppings!

“It is absolutely amazing!

We do not have any geese on one lake anymore and just a few stragglers on our other lake because someone keeps feeding them… but what a difference…


Karen L. Mills

Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ

Your neighbors may scoff at first, but when the geese do indeed leave the area, your friends just might leave gifts at your doorstep…  “I purchased a land-based unit in August 2007 and was extremely impressed with its effectiveness in ridding our lake property of geese. In fact, my skeptical neighbors eventually credited the unit with ridding our entire shoreline of the perennial nuisances!”


Mary Breger

West Bend, WI

Picking up after 40 geese was not in Harriet’s job description, but everything she tried to rid her beautiful lawn of geese failed year after year. She had no choice but to clean her lawn by hand. AwayWithGeese set her free from this awful chore in just 3 days…  “It was a pleasure speaking with you last Friday.  Again, I would like to commend you on the awaywithgeese product — it is simply amazing!  We have lived in northern NJ with our beautiful property that abuts a large pond being COVERED with goose droppings, year after year.  As I mentioned, we’d tried a few things, but nothing has worked like your product.  We tried “shiny tape” that only worked for a few days and then not at all.  We send our dogs out to chase the geese back into the pond, but can only do that when we happen to be downstairs in the room that overlooks the yard and see them there.  Most of the time we are in our home office on the other side of the house, so by the time the dogs chase them, the yard is already covered with droppings (again!).  I spent a few hours last week walking my 2-acre property and picked up 8 bags of droppings – ugh!

We now have our yard back!  What amazed us the most is how quickly we saw a difference.  After putting the unit into the ground, the very next day we saw only a small handful of geese during the day compared to upwards of 40 the day before!  Since then the number has continued to diminish and over the last two days, no geese at all.  We’ve had the unit in the ground for less than a week.  What a wonderful product this is!

Thanks again for creating something this easy that really works!”


Harriet Geiger

Upper Saddle River, NJ

It started with just two beautiful geese in a picturesque setting. How wonderfully natural! But when the population grew from two, to nine, to thirty two, things began to get ugly. Or at least until AwayWithGeese was able to gently encourage the messy birds to make their home elsewhere…  “We have a one acre community pond surrounded by homes in Millersville, Maryland. A very nice setting. Several years ago a pair of geese nested in the spring. Those two quickly became nine that season and the mess began. This continued every year. Last year I counted 32 geese in our pond, many fighting for the right to establish a nest. They were noisy all day and often at night. They were also making our backyard unusable from all their droppings. We tried some sprays but the geese returned after the first rain. We decided to try your product and to my surprise all of the geese left within two days. There are occasional visits — about once a month — but none stay. Thanks for creating such an awesome product. I recommend this for anyone who is experiencing geese problems. Simply put, it just works.”


Tom Hakos

Millersville, MD

With up to 200 geese living on a 3 acre pond, the owners were dealing with quite a mess. But no longer! After trying AwayWIthGeese (which comes with a 90 day money back guarantee), all the geese disappeared in just three days.  “We have a three acre pond that was covered with geese every fall, at dusk. They made a racket and a mess. We decided to give the “Away with Geese” light a try. Why not? It has a 90 day money back guarantee. We put the light in the center of the pond and within 3 nights, the geese were gone. We are very happy with the light. It is safe and environmentally friendly. Best of all, it really does work!”

Kathy Dearborne

Bedminster, PA

A brand new farm pond was over-taken by geese until the owner received help from AwayWithGeese. His golf shoes are our next challenge…  I ordered my first Away with Geese last year. I was truly amazed how a newly dug 1 acre pond on my farm was transformed into an apparent goose farm seemingly overnight. I was desperate. Within 2 weeks of placing your unit in the center of my pond, the geese were gone…….and haven’t yet come back. Revenge is sweet.  It worked so well that I am ordering another one for a 2nd pond at my home in NYC . Your new design is great and your product works fantastic. Now all I need to do is convince my local golf course to get a few of these so I can come home with clean shoes.”

Bob Verde

Staten Island, NY

Geese overran Northern Kentucky University’s new park-like pond setting until they redirected the geese elsewhere…  The University spent over a million dollars to make our 2 ponds a focal point for the campus, but the project was not complete until AwayWithGeese.com took care of our geese problem.”

Paul Frazier

Superintendent, Grounds & Transportation

Northern Kentucky University

Linda D’Agostino joined with her neighbors and eliminated geese from their community pond and backyards… We live in a beautiful neighborhood of 20 homes that surround a large pond. Last year, our pond was over-taken by 30 geese. The mess was terrible! We couldn’t use our back yards or even let our pets out. Our front yards, driveways and sidewalks were covered with goose droppings which we had to hose-off each day. The geese were a nightmare!

After seeing your web site, I got a few of my neighbors to pitch-in to buy an AwayWithGeese device. A few days after we put it in the pond, we had no geese! Occasionally we’ll see some visiting geese, but they always leave by the next day. It works just like your company claims it does. We could not be happier! Thank you!”

Hal Parr, CGCS at Traditions Golf Course in Burlington, KY, eliminated the goose problem overnight on one of the club’s lakes… “Year after year our lakes are a haven for geese.  Since we installed our first AwayWithGeese unit on one of our lakes, the geese have left that lake area.  As a result, we have ordered more units to place on our other lakes.   We continue to be amazed and pleased with the result.”

Ralph Napier of Crestview Lands removed nearly 200 geese from their property using the AwayWithGeese product… “Crestview Lands in northern Kentucky had a terrible geese problem a few years back .   We had nearly 200 of the birds damaging property and causing a potential health hazard, not to mention their nasty droppings.

We are now using the light system designed by AwayWithGeese.com to keep the geese off our lakes and property and it is working very well .

Thank you for a great Product!”

The employees at Brennen Medical in St. Paul, MN appreciate having their lunch area cleared of geese… “Thank you Away With Geese.net for reclaiming our pond in front of our office. Our employees are now able to enjoy the park like setting to picnic and walk around the pond. Last year the pond and outer area were over run with geese and what they leave behind. From all the staff, thank you again.”

Tim Lawin, President

Brennen Medical

St.Paul, MN

RV park eliminates their geese problem in Ardmore, OK “I own an RV park in Ardmore, OK and was being overran with geese. It started off with a couple and grew to over 50 in a a couple of months. Needless to say, they were making a huge mess in the park. I searched the Internet for a way to eliminate geese and came up with your website. I was somewhat skeptical but ordered your product. Within 2 weeks, all the geese were gone!. A few have flown back a couple of times but leave after about an hour. Thanks!”

Joe Bussell, Owner

Hidden Lake RV

Ardmore, OK

Lake community chases away their geese in Park Ridge, IL The AwayWithGeese lights are working quite well around our lake. We do get a few geese visiting through the summer during the day. But they do not stay overnight and usually don’t stay all day long. We are very pleased with the results from using your lights.

Fran Cosgrove

Park Lake Association

Park Ridge, IL